So, if you don't like coffee like me...that coffee pot sitting on your counter for coffee drinkers that visit you, can be used for other things other then coffee, who knew?

I know it's completely weird, but it's the truth.  Buzzfeed gives us some good meal ideas:

Richard Masoner/Cyclelicious, flickr


--Hot Dogs:  Put about 6 to 8 cups of water in the coffeemaker and run it through the  and then leave the burner on and toss the hot dogs in.   Usually cook time is 30 minutes.

--Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.  Just remove the pot and then do what you do with a pan.

--Oatmeal.  Add hot water and wait a little bit.

--Vegetables.  Steam them by putting them in the filter basket, and then running water through the coffeemaker a few times.

--LOVE this one, chocolate fondue.  Heat up some cream in the coffee pot for about 15 minutes then add in pieces of chocolates until they are melted, usually around 10 minutes.