Atlantic City is trying to bill itself as more than just a gambling town, and a new 123 million dollar water park resort could be added to its roster of family fun.Mayor Lorenzo Langford was joined by officials from TWS Enterprises LTD , a national real estate development company based out of Philadelphia, on Wednesday to announce the plans of a year round indoor/outdoor water park and hotel called The Diving Horse Resort.

Tim Behr, project coordinator, says this would be a destination tourist attraction on families. Focusing on the many generations who come and enjoy Atlantic City.

"What we said to the mayor is think about this. Grandparents are going to come in, kids are going to want to go to the pool. They're going to switch off with the parents and the grandparents. And then what can they do, they can enjoy the gaming, shopping, and restaurants of Atlantic City."

The Diving Horse would be located on a 7 parcel in the Marina district on Huron avenue adjacent to Harrah's. Thomas Sherwood owner of TWS Enterprises also owns the Diving Horse Burlesque Club on MLK Blvd, owns the property. He said this location would be completely different from the other local properties owned by him, instead focusing on a family focused experience.

Sherwood said he originally wanted to use the land to build a casino, however decided in favor of a water park after seeing the potential it presented.

The location is outside of the Tourism District, meaning it is out of the purvey of the New Jersey Casino Reinvestment Development Authority, and instead in the hands of the city. Mayor Langford wanted everyone to know that his office is fully behind the project and will work with developers any way they can.

"We'll move as expeditiously as we possibly can, making sure to cross all the "t's" and dot all the "I's" to move this project forward."

The project is still in its earliest stages, still needing to be brought up in front of zoning and planning boards.

Additionally officials from TWS said once completed, Diving Horse would bring over 400 jobs to the area, the majority of which Mayor Langford believes will go to local residents.

The 40 thousand square foot facility will be constructed in the shape of a large sail boat, with the "sail" hosting 180 hotel room. There would be two sections of water park, indoor and outdoor, with a retractable roof used to have the indoor facility open during summer and spring time as well.

Construction is expected to begin by next year with construction being finished by spring of 2014.