If money, jobs, real estate and family were NOT an issue .... would you leave the Jersey Shore ?


We get a lot of calls and email on the morning show from people who say they are leaving and moving out of state. Taxes, insurance and money usually top the list, all part of the "cost of living". I must be honest I love living in Southern Ocean County. I have lived here for almost 45 years now....It's clean, nice towns, lower taxes and some of the most scenic sections of the Shore area. I will admit, not naming any areas, that if I had to live in "some" sections of the Jersey Shore, I'd probably consider relocating too. That being said, we have a lot of different areas at the Shore. City, oceanfront, wooded, populated etc etc . Not everyone likes the same, but for me I'm quite happy.


New Jersey on a whole is expensive .... people will say other states are less expensive, but you earn less. Do we make so much more in New Jersey ? that it offsets higher costs of living ? Now there's a good debate!


Share your feelings, we'll discuss results and comments on Monday's Morning Show.