How would you feel if that love of your life, the person who makes you melt and loves you more than anything else...would propose to you in Walmart?

I'm not sure how I'd feel about that.  My prince asking me to marry him in Walmart.  I guess if we'd have a connection to the store for some reason, I'd be OK with it.  Don't get me wrong I love Walmart!  But I'm not sure about a romantic proposal.  Or should I just be thankful that a prince is proposing to me?

Well it happened this past weekend in Ohio according to WSYX.  Marvin Banks went into Walmart with his lovely bride-to-be and as she was off in another section of the store, Marvin grabbed the microphone through-out the store and said, "Attention Walmart Shoppers"...and continued over the microphone with his proposal.  Rather romantic Marvin, and she said, "Yes".

It brought a tear to a lot of the Walmart employees working there this weekend!  Good luck to Marvin and Ashley.

Would you like to be proposed to in Walmart?