They say "a penny saved is a penny earned", and if you're someone who keeps a change jar around the house you know that those pennies can add up. So what would you do if someone was taking pennies here and there without telling you?

Some have noticed lately that their receipts have shown totals being rounded up. In this example from The Consumerist, a receipt was for $17.75 plus $1.24 in tax. With a little math, we see that the total should be $18.99, but the total on the receipt was $19.00. The same customer showed the website three receipts with similar patterns of rounding up.

Sure, a penny is just a penny, but what do you think about someone taking a penny without asking you in the first place? And, while that penny may not mean a whole lot to the individual, those extra pennies can add up really fast for a chain with over 1300 locations.

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