Do not swim!  Closed!  Signs that appear every summer at a Beachwood beach.  Now, environmental regulators are working to track the source and clean it up for good.

Beachwood water tank (YouTube)

According to the State D-E-P, the beach on the shores of the Barnegat Bay is one of the most polluted in the country.  The county and the borough are on board with the remediation.  Jill Lipoti heads their Water Monitoring and Standards department.  She says "it begins with testing and sending cameras into the aging pipes.  It is so consistent that we want to look for a cross connection between the sanitary sewer and the stormwater drain.  It could be one of the problems."

Some believe the contamination comes from animal droppings, sewer leaks and poor circulation in the river cove near the beach.

The expense of the project will be covered by the state's Clean Water Funding Program.  A meeting is slated for October 2nd where officials from each side will come together to discuss the procedure.

They plan to begin working on it soon and hope to have it completed in time for next summer.