It's no secret that our parent company, Townsquare Media, owns a number of radio stations here in New Jersey. In addition to us and WOBM-AM, our sister stations include 105.7 The Hawk and 94.3 The Point. A lot of people who are aware of this setup like to ask, "do you get along with them since they're your competition?"

Honestly, yeah we really all do get along! As you can see from the picture on the left, there's nothing better on a sunny early Spring afternoon than stepping outside the office and BBQing with your co-workers.

It's funny because I have worked for radio companies in the past where the sister stations didn't really get along. Morning shows wouldn't talk to the other morning shows. Assistant Program Directors wouldn't share research with other APD's, and there was no such thing as a spontaneous company BBQ like you see there.

I think we have a unique and fun group here. We all get along and we all enjoy the company of each other. Sure there's some friendly competition, but that's genuinely what it is, friendly. As our sister stations have recently joined us in our Bayville studios, I'll look forward to our occasional BBQs as Spring continues, and I have little doubt that the tradition will continue as we all move into our fancy new digs in Toms River this Summer.

If you work in an career with competition between co-workers, is it friendly competition or is it a little more cutthroat? Feel free to leave a comment and let us know!