Something struck me as I was walking down Robbins Street to grab lunch this afternoon - there are so many pieces of technology in our everyday lives that we don't even notice anymore.

As I walked past the weathered, clearly rather old parking meters, I realized that it wasn't so long ago that parking meters were the old mechanical ones, with the needle that moved when you put money in, and ticked the time down like a big watch.

What struck me about the digital meters, like the one in the picture, is that now they're old technology. Municipalities like Seaside Heights and Asbury Park have centralized parking kiosks that automatically keep track of the time on whole blocks and that you can use cash or credit cards on.

It's pretty interesting when we take what was considered "new" technology within our recent lifetimes for granted.

What pieces of everyday technology that's come out in your lifetime do you now take for granted?