A little of this and a little of that on the first day of March which happens to be the 44th anniversary of WOBM-FM, the first commercial radio station in Ocean County.

Station lore claims that among the first things ever heard on 92.7FM were school closings, as the area was hit with a major snowstorm the day before. Bob Levy, best known as the host of “Topic A” was here on day one as the station’s Sales Manager.

I hate to use the word “dumb” to describe something but frankly I can’t think of a better term for what the Brick Township Council did last night when they voted to reduce the salary of the Mayor from $52,000 to $15,000 IF the person in that office is holding a full-time, outside job. That of course is the case with the current mayor Steve Acropolis. The salary should not be based on the person but the job and this is a case of putting the cart before the horse and reeks of politics. What should be determined first is whether being the Mayor of Brick is a full or part time job. If its part-time then $15,000 might be fine but if it’s the feeling of residents that they need a full-time Mayor than the salary should go hand in hand with that. Just dumb!


Sad to hear about the death of Davey Jones Wednesday of a sudden heart attack in Florida at the age of 66. The former lead singer of “The Monkees” was a huge star in the mid and late 60’s when the group had several big hits along with a prime-time TV show. If you’re my age you remember him, the group and the show very well. Jones, who at one time planned on a career as a jockey, was the little guy with the English accent and big smile. Who can forget his appearance on “The Brady Bunch” when Marcia Brady got him to sing at her prom? Okay, it wasn’t “Roots” but it was memorable. “The Monkees” were only really together for a few years but there songs remain favorites of different generations and will so for years to come.

The Ocean County College basketball teams have advanced to the semifinals of the Region 19 Tournament today at Brookdale Community College. The women play Montgomery at 1pm while the men take on Camden tonight at 8:15 and winners advance to Saturday’s region finals. For the second straight year the Vikings JaMario Clayton was named Player of the Year in Region 19 while OCC’s Liz Lawler, a Lacey graduate earned that honor on the women’s side. Teammate Amanda Fernandez of Toms River South joined her on the All-Region first team.