As we all prepare for the winter storm apparently now known as "Nemo" (really, Weather Channel? When we think of "Nemo" these days, most of us think of a cute clownfish, not the mysterious captain of The Nautilus), here are some tips from our friends at Meridian Health:

  • Prepare your car with plenty of antifreeze, windshield washer fluid, and gas.
  • Have rock salt or ice-melt and shovels handy and accessible.
  • When a storm starts - stay indoors. Don't go out unless absolutely necessary, and if you do, wear plenty of layers.
  • Use space heaters properly and safely - keep at least three feet away from furniture, drapes, and other objects, and turn off when nobody is in the room.
  • When shoveling snow, take frequent breaks. Don't shovel snow if you have a heart of back condition.
  • Watch for fallen power lines when walking or driving outside.

For a full list of tips for before, during, and after a winter storm, click here for much more from Meridian Health!