Will you be getting a pay raise in the coming new year?

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A 2013 salary report from Bucks Consultants finds many workers can expect a 3 percent bump in salary in 2013.

Phil Kirschner, the President of the New Jersey Business and Industry Association, says an NJBIA member survey was recently completed and "they're looking at a range of raises of raises between 1 and 5 percent - that averages out to 3 or the high 2's."

He says, "It's really all related to how well the business is recovering from the recession, are they doing better each year…Our members think that will be the case - sales and revenue will be better than 2013."

Kirschner adds while some workers will get a 3 percent salary hike, "you may get some exceptional performers who really beyond the call of duty - are top notch - they may get five…You may have some performers who have under-achieved - they may get one - your performance, your production on the job- your value to the company certainly can make a big difference in the amount of raise you receive."

He also stresses that members like the direction that New Jersey is heading.

"So that inspires confidence - they also reported their actual sales in 2012 increased from 2011 - all of that contributes to a better business climate, and better conditions on the ground so to speak…we're not yet back to pre-recession levels, but it looks like slowly but surely we're getting there."