The summer vacation season is almost upon us, and that means many families in New Jersey and across the country will be taking road trips. While spending endless hours behind the wheel, many drivers may notice bad or annoying habits among those with whom they are sharing the road.

(Maciej Korzekwa, ThinkStock)

What are the most popular driving pet peeves? The Expedia Road Rage Report finds that texting comes in at number one, followed by tailgaters and multitaskers.

"The people who are on their phone while they're driving, sending a quick text message or email were found to be the most annoying and offensive among other drivers," said Tarran Vaillancourt, Adventure Travel Expert with Expedia. "The tailgaters were not a crowd favorite either. The folks putting on makeup or reading a book came in at number three. Number four was the drifter, or that driver who drifts into your lane uninvited. Crawlers, or those who drive too slow, rounded out the top five."

According to the study, 12 percent of respondents ranked the "red light racer" among the most annoying.

"Those are the people who get up to a red light, rev their engine and get really excited and tow the line before the light turns green," Vaillancourt said.

The report also identified the worst cities in which to drive. Coming in at number one was New York, following by Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington D.C. and Atlanta.

"Even with all of the more aggressive driving cities, Americans still believe that road trips are the best ways to spend a summer vacation," Vaillancourt said. "So, even though there are those cities that may be more aggressive, people are still looking forward to getting out on the road."

Among the most beautiful, scenic routes are the Pacific Coast Highway, Route 66, the Overseas Highway, the Blue Ridge Parkway and the Hawaii Belt.