We'll be forgiven if we take the headline of this article with a healthy dose of skepticism. But, if it's to be believed, a massive indoor theme park could be coming to the Garden State.

Yes, the saga of the American Dream project (formerly known as "Xanadu") continues.

The last time I wrote about the Meadowlands eyesore was two and a half years ago. As anyone who drives by can tell you, not a whole lot has happened publicly since then.

But behind closed doors, developers say that they have big plans. They want to turn the property into the largest indoor theme park in the Western Hemisphere.

If all goes as planned (and let's be honest, when has it gone as planned with this project?), the theme park will bring beloved kids' characters to life, with SpongeBob Squarepants and other Nickelodeon favorites.

The developers say that they would like to resume work on the megamall as soon as the end of this month, which is right around the corner. We'll see, but we won't be holding our breaths either. After all, this has been going on for over a decade now.

Do you think the "American Dream" project will ever come to be? Comment below and weigh in!


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