We're about 200 days away from a Super Bowl at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, but the nearby megamall project remains at a standstill.

Illustration of the completed American Dream megamall in the Meadowlands (Triple Five)

Once known as Xanadu, American Dream has been nothing but a nightmare for the parties involved - the developer and those opposed to the project.

At a press conference in Toms River on Wednesday, Governor Chris Christie said the state has done all it could.

"Now this is going to be for a court to decide," Christie said. "From the state's perspective, building can begin."

The New York Giants and New York Jets sued developer Triple Five to stop the project, claiming it would cause a traffic mess, especially on game days. Just last week, Triple Five countersued, partially for the damages caused in the lengthy delay.

Even if a resolution were reached, Christie expressed doubt that anything significant would be ready for visitors by February 2, the date of Super Bowl XLVIII.

"We're running out of time," he said. "Let's put it this way - it won't be complete for the Super Bowl."