I'm sure we've all seen creepy abandoned houses and thought how cool it would be to go inside and poke around. But, as I've said before, there are ways that we go about these things. There's a big difference between a legitimate paranormal investigation group and kids who break into abandoned houses and call themselves ghost hunters.

Unfortunately, a young man in The Midwest found out why it's a bad idea the hard way.

A 12-year-old Ohio boy decided to go on an adventure inside of a local abandoned house. When he made his way inside, he wasn't prepared for what he found.

Inside the home, which had sat derelict for about 5 years, the boy came across the mummified corpse of the former owner hanging in a closet.

Clearly a tragic situation, which also turned into a traumatic situation for the boy.

The moral of the story - again, leave the investigating to the pros. If you see a place that you think is ripe for investigating, please feel free to reach out and let us know, and we'll go about the process of looking into it officially. Maybe you'll even be able to join us. But please, don't just break in - you literally never know what you might find.