If you are searching for good news these days you have to look long and hard.  It’s clearly out there but often buried under an avalanche of negativity, sadness and tragedy.

There is the belief by many that it’s the fault of the media because as the saying goes, “bad news gets higher ratings and sells more papers than good news.”

That’s probably true in some regards as is the quote from comedian Tracy Morgan “bad news travels at the speed of light; good news travels like molasses.”

Even if you’re not one to follow news via the TV, radio, internet and daily papers you really can’t escape what’s going on.  We have a presidential election that has set a new low in standards by any definition, innocent people are being killed every day in every way, our confidence in our elected officials is dropping faster than the Jets playoff hopes and the economy is shaky at best.

Throw in the uncertainty of world affairs, our fear over terrorism, race relations, crime, drugs, cyber-attacks, healthcare issues. I could go on and on.

When I was growing up I would watch the local news almost every night with my parents. Now many won’t even let their children watch what’s become 30 or 60 minutes of depressing information.  Sure there are diversions like weather, sports, movie reviews and the occasional story that makes you smile but especially the first 15 minutes or so is loaded with stories that leave you shaking your head and saying “what is wrong with this world?”

That is not an easy question to answer but in all honesty one that’s been asked for generations.  If you’re an optimist you think it’s also one that will be asked in future generations. .If you’re a pessimist you wonder if there will be a world left to question.

For now let’s work hard to find the good news and when we do let’s celebrate it.

It may not always be a headline story but I’m for anything that puts a smile on a face because we sure need it.