We all know the flavor of a cherry slush, a grape Jolly Rancher, and blue raspberry cotton candy. But how come of those flavors aren't actually found in nature?

I can't be the only one who's noticed that cherry candy doesn't taste anywhere near what the actual fruit that you would buy from the grocery store (or even better, a farm market) tastes like.

And come on, who's ever seen an actual "blue raspberry"?

I'm willing to bet that you could hand an American a cup of melted cherry popsicle and a cup of juice squeezed from an actual cherry and most of us would identify the cloyingly sweet artificial syrup before being able to pin down the real fruit juice.

My biggest question is - who first came up with the artificial fruit flavors and said, "yeah, that's what grape should taste like!"

Now that we're getting into prime italian ice, fruit pop, and Kool-Aid season, what are your favorite "fruit" flavors? Tell us in the comments section!