Former Rutgers Men's Basketball Coach Mike Rice was removed from his position Wednesday, months after he was suspended for his behavior, but the volcano of questions surrounding the abusive incidents continues to erupt.

Screen shot of Mike Rice video shown on ESPN (ESPN)

One concern voiced by many is the fact that no student athlete decided to speak up, despite the actions caught on camera, including Rice throwing basketballs at players and using a homosexual slur to address a mistake on the court.

Dr. Nick Molinaro, a sports psychologist in Mendham, said there's a sense of brotherhood among teammates that not many players want to mess with. Noting his more than 25 years of experience in the field, Molinaro said a lot of information doesn't get shared beyond a coach and his/her players.

"It's sort of like there's a basic environment or a group norm...people will tolerate it," Molinaro said. "When you're part of a team, there's pressure to perform as a team."

He noted the fact that the situation at hand features only males, indicating that perhaps no player wanted to come forward as the one who couldn't handle Rice's behavior.

"You're not being strong enough for a male if you can't take it," he added.

Molinaro said Rice's behavior on tape was "outrageous," and he dismissed any theory that similar behavior can be found at colleges across the country.