My friends who live in North Jersey just purchased a home in Texas.  They are employed, in their 50s, and take advantage of all the cultural and culinary experiences that are available where they live and in New York City.  So why are they moving to Texas?

The big state seems to be calling them.  While on vacation, they fell in love with a house and a community there.  And they can get a lot more bang for their buck there.

News of their purchase got me thinking of what makes people move to certain places?  I might not have discovered Ocean County had my parents not retired in Toms River.  They might not have moved here from Queens had their friends not invited them to take a day trip one day.

Did you grow up in New Jersey and decide to stay close to family and all the things that were familiar?   OR did you relocate from somewhere else?  If you moved from another place, what drew you to Ocean County?