If you remember my blog about this summer’s de-cluttering exercise, you’ll recall the concept of keeping only things that “spark joy.”  It’s the theme of some books by author Marie Kondo (who gets mentioned in the Gilmore Girls reboot, by the way, as the family matriarch goes on a purging rampage.)

Well I must have really aborbed the lessons of Kondo's books   My Christmas decorating this year took a fraction of the time as it usually does.  And frankly, it was a lot more enjoyable.  I found myself pulling out of the box only my favorite decorations.  The end result: a tree that looks festive, pretty, and makes me smile when I look at it.  One of the highlights is a koala carved out of wood that I bought in Australia.  Another is a pretty blue star made of glass that I bought at an arts festival.  Another special piece was cut from an old vinyl record.  I bought it in Bryant Park in NYC.

This “Simple Christmas” may just last one year.  Who knows…maybe next year I’ll want to fill the tree with ALL my ornaments, some going back to childhood, but for now, I’m enjoying the streamlined approach.

How would you describe your approach to holiday decorations this year:  Do you put holiday touches all over your home?  Is your tree filled with decades of ornaments?  Or are you taking  a minimalist approach this year, like I am?