While the state awaits a decision from the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s office regarding the murder of a Toms River six-year-old, who was allegedly shot by his playmate, many are asking why investigations get moved to other jurisdictions.

Toms River home where 6-year-old Brandon Holt was shot by a 4-year-old neighbor (Facebook)

“Anything that appears to cause a conflict of interest or would taint the case, would play into the Prosecutor’s Office requesting the case be removed,” says Al Della Fave, public information officer for the Ocean County Prosecutor.

The Attorney General’s Office makes the decision, and says many factors affect where a case is moved, including proximity and available resources of the departments.

Della Fave says it’s done, “so the legal process can move smoothly, and to ensure and increase the chances of the Prosecutor successfully prosecuting the case."

Della Fave notes the call from the Attorney General’s Office is the final one, and prosecutors' offices have no say in where a case can go.

According to the Attorney General’s Office, one of the reasons the Toms River shooting case was moved to Atlantic County was because of both proximity to the alleged crime, and availability of resources.

No charges have been filed yet against the four-year-old boy who allegedly fired the gun, or his parents.