It's one of the simplest meals, but it's also one that a great chef can make stand out from the crowd. So I want to know, who makes the best burger in Ocean County?

Sure, you can get a decent burger at the big national chains, Ruby Tuesday and Applebee's make decent burgers, but I want to know which local businesses should be recognized for their whopper wizardry.

Personally, I'm a fan of Burger 25 in Bayville and Brick. They have tons of options for customizing and great fresh baked buns.

Venturing into Monmouth County a little bit, I'm a huge fan of Bobby's Burger Palace at the Monmouth Mall (which has become a mini-chain, with 10 locations, although Eatontown was one of the very first to open in 2008).

So if a stranger came into town and asked you, "where can I get the best burger in Ocean County?" what would you tell them? Leave a comment and shout out your favorite burger joint at the Jersey shore!