So every year, I wonder should I go away from my white lights on the Christmas tree and outside the house or should I go multi colored lights.  I know Thanksgiving is first, but I have to think about this and start planning.

Beatnik Photos, flickr


I love the white lights, it looks so beautiful - especially when it's the only thing on at night.  But this year I'm finally doing what my 7 year old wants...I'm going to have a tree with multi colored lights.  She's going to be so happy when I put it up.  So it's 2 trees at my house this year, I'm really excited about this.  Growing up my parents always used the multi colored lights and I said to myself when I grow up I'm using white lights only....well now it's time to bring a little multi colored back into my life.

White lights or Multi Colored at your house?  Or Both?