Today we find out who will be going to the "Big Game"

So as we all know the Giants, Jets and Eagles are not in the hunt for a Championship this year, but today is a big day in the NFL with both the NFC & AFC Championships on the line! Whats intriguing about these two games is that the winners will come here to the Garden State, as New Jersey hosts its first ever Championship !

In the NFC Match-up ( We'll start there since I'm an NFC guy ) you have the top seeded Seattle Seahawks ( Favored by 3 points & playing at home ) vs. San Francisco 49ers .... who many feel are the hottest team heading into the post season. As we know the 49ers have many "rings" however Seattle ( much like the Eagles lol ) have none. The Seahawks went once to the big game but lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers , So it would be nice to see the Emerald City finally win the Vince Lombardi Trophy. On the other hand I do have relatives who love their Niners so if they do win I'll be glad for them.

ShawnieMikes PICK:  Seattle - 24 San Fransisco - 14

In the AFC Championship its the two old veterans slugging it out ... Payton Manning & Tom Brady! A dance we have all gone to before. I really don't care who wins ... but if Eli's brother wins another ring, then they'd have matching pairs ... Denver is home and the more talented team, but Bill Belichick is a genius so you never know. John Fox the Denver head coach is also an ex Giants coach .....

ShawnieMikes PICK: Denver - 31 New England - 19

Enjoy the games!

Who are you routing for  ?