A new poll has names Van Halen's "Jump" as the most popular sports song.

PRS for Music recently polled its members to determine the top 20 sports songs for the upcoming Olympics.

1.  "Jump"--Van Halen

2.  "Start Me Up"--Rolling Stones

3.  "Higher & Higher"--Jackie Wilson

4.  "Gold"--Spandau Ballet

5.  "Thriller"--Michael Jackson

6  "Wake Me Up!"--Wham!

7.  "The Winner Takes It All"--Abba  (I love this one.)

8.  "Silver Machine"--Hawkwind

9.  "We Are the Champions"--Queen (This is my favorite of all time!)

10.  "Shine"--Take That

11.  "Tracks of My Tears"--Smokey Robinson

12.  "The Long & Winding Road"--The Beatles

13.  "Eye of the Tiger"--Survivor

14.  "Simply the Best"--Tina Turner (One of my favorites.)

15.  "Jump Around"--House of Pain

16.  "Gonna Fly Now"--from Rocky

17.  "Another One Bites The Dust"--Queen

18.  "Don't Stop Believin"--Journey

19.  "Chariots of Fire" (Theme)

20.  "We Will Rock You"--Queen (This one always gets everyone pumped up.)

Are you like me, where you love the music of the Olympic Sports and everytime a recap comes on the TV, I'm just waiting for a good catchy song.?  Go USA!