This year I'm going to do it!  I'm 42 years old and I think it's time.  I feel like I've waited all my life, and this year is the year.I just want to get scared.

I've never walked through a haunted house or taken a haunted hayride.  It seems like so much fun, but quite frankly I've always been way too scared.

I'm going to try to go every single weekend in October and try different "scary" things out.  I always take my daughter to Six Flags Fright Fest but we always leave before it gets too scary.  And I don't think it's because of Abby my 7 year old why we left early;it was always me.

Where's the best "haunted" thing around here at the Shore?  A haunted house? A hayride? Maybe an annual neighborhood event? Where should I go to get scared?!