my heart breaks, I'm so in love with my dogs and when one of them gets hurt, so does a piece of my heart.  My T broke her leg on Wednesday.

Sue Moll, Townsquare Media


She still somehow smiles and wags her tail.  Taffy, my other doggie and T were running outside like they always do and I have a wall in between my kitchen and living room and the dining room table is next to the wall, well the wall was in the way of T.  She didn't quite get around the wall and her back leg got caught on the bad, bad wall.  Her cry was horrible and her foot was just hanging.  I just knew it was something bad, just by the way she looked.  The bone going to the tibia broke, so now she has to wear a cast for 3 - 4 months.  I hope she heals OK.  She's 12 years old, so she might heal a little slower than a younger dog.  But she's strong..we'll be back to running soon.

This is the little one, Taffy barking at the cast..poor T, she's such a good girl: