I recently watched a movie with some friends where the characters discuss the "Three Day Rule". Where a guy is not supposed to call a girl for 3 days after meeting so not to seem too interested. It sparked a conversation with some friends about other relationship "rules".

Things like how it looks sketchy when one partner always takes their cell phone with them, even to the bathroom. Not texting too much. Stuff like that.

And then a debate broke out - in a new relationship, when is it appropriate to first say "I love you"?

We had a wide range of opinions, so I posted the question on Facebook, and again got a huge range of opinions. Facebook friends said everything from three months to not sooner than a year into the relationship.

Of course it's understood that those involved will know when the time is right. But most also agreed that there is such a thing as "too soon".

The best quote of the group was courtesy of WOBM's very own news anchor, Ilya Hemlin,

Saying you love someone is like cutting an avacado...you can't commit part way to it, because the minute you start it's going to start getting brown and there's no turning back.


So what do you think about timing as far as "the L word" is concerned? Vote below and let us know!