I've covered the topic of guilty pleasures before, but this is always a topic worth revisiting since there are so many different kinds of guilty pleasures.

This time I want to know about food - but I mean those guilty pleasure foods; snacks, desserts, or even dishes, that you know you shouldn't eat but you just have to have every once in a while.

This time though, I want to know about the ones that you purposefully only have every now and then. Maybe a few times a year, which always makes it even better - something to look forward to, savor, and make last as long as you can.

For me, it's Garrett Popcorn, a company based out of Chicago (which I first discovered at a kiosk in O'Hare Airport), which has an outpost on 34th Street in New York City. I don't even get a bag every time I go into The City, but when I do, I get the "Chicago Mix", a mix of caramel corn and cheese popcorn. Let's be honest, it's a heart attack in a bag. But man is it delicious.

If there were a Garrett Popcorn store nearby and I could get it more often, I just think it would lose it's "special treat" charm for me (and I'd probably weigh about 200lbs more).

So what are your guilty pleasure foods? Those foods that you only treat yourself to every now and then but are real treats when you do? Leave a comment below and let us know!