One of the great things about living in the Northeast here in Ocean County is the fact that we get all four seasons. That being said though, we all have our opinions about which season is the best. So let's take a look at the weather here in Ocean County, then be sure to vote at the end of the article on your favorite!

  • Winter

    Positives: Winter is quiet time in Ocean County. No crowded beaches and boardwalks, and no shore traffic jams off of Exit 98 or over the bridges to Seaside Heights and LBI.

    Negatives: Well, the same, Winter is quiet time in Ocean County. There's honestly not a whole heck of a lot going on. It's too cold for the beaches, and hiking through the Pine Barrens in January isn't exactly my idea of fun on a 28 degree afternoon. While we got spared this past Winter, Ocean County has been known to get some pretty epic snow storms.

    Flickr user stashabella
  • Spring

    Positives: Spring is renewal. Nature comes to life in the Spring. From trees and flowers to baby ducks and little bunnies. And who doesn't love that first 60 degree day after a long, cold Winter?

    Negatives: One word, allergies. Sure, Spring means renewal, but it also means pollen and weeds. Also, how often do you hear Alan Kasper say "cooler temperatures at the beaches..."? While it may be 60 outside the Ocean County Mall, it could only be 50 on the Seaside Heights boardwalk and a bit too chilly for walking the boards.

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  • Summer

    Positives: Beach time! What's better than being able to get to a beach in 10 minutes or less in the middle of July? And who can't love taking the family to a  Lakewood Blueclaws game on a warm Summer evening?

    Negatives: "Bennys". Crowded beaches, shoulder to shoulder people on the boardwalks, and bumper to bumper traffic on the roads.

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  • Fall

    Positives: The beauty of Fall. I love driving the Parkway to work on the cusp of Autumn as the leaves are changing. It's also the perfect time to take a trip to Double Trouble State Park or another favorite hiking location as it's not too hot and not too cold for a nice, long walk. Also, there are few better times to hit the beaches than after Labor Day, when the crowds have gone back to work and school but it's still nice and mild.

    Negatives: Winter is right around the corner. It may still be nice and mild during the day in September, but once those night time temperatures start dipping, you know that the cold and the snow is right around the corner.

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