If I hear "dads and grads" one more time in the next week, I swear I'm going to break something. It's just one of those cutsey sayings that drives me nuts.

But that one isn't the worst to me. That picture to the left, obviously referring to Thanksgiving, that's the one that really toasts my muffins. When someone wishes me a "happy turkey day" I want to tell them that I'm a vegan (which couldn't be further from the truth) just to make them stop.

Also on my list, "leaf peepers" - newscasters love to use this one to describe people who drive around to see the Fall foliage.


Honestly, it just feels lazy to me. Like, it was cute and clever when someone first came up with it and now people try to be cute by using those little sayings, but they're played out now. They've already been done (and overdone!).

So what cutsey saying gets under your skin? Leave a comment below and let me know which ones I missed!