Today (11/16) is National "Fast Food Day" and we want to know what is the Jersey Shore's favorite fast food joint. I have to admit I'll go with McDonalds for three reasons .... Filet O'Fish, Fries and Vanilla Milkshakes (Shamrock Shakes)

RANKER.COM did a national survey and here are the rankings ...

1. Wendy’s
2. Subway
3. Taco Bell
4. KFC
5. Five Guys
6. Chick-fil-A
7. Dairy Queen
8. In-N-Out Burger
9. Burger King
10. Arby's

Ranker’s poll also reveals:
Northeastern voters picked Wendy's #1 fast food brand with Wendy’s close behind
Midwestern voters picked Arby's as their #1 fast food brand
Southern voters chose Chick-fil-A as their #1 fast food brand
West Coast and Central voters chose In-N-Out as their #1 fast food brand

What is your favorite fast food at the Jersey Shore ?


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