Let's be honest, dogs aren't just pets, they can also be accessories and "wingmen" (or women) too. So if you're a single, what's the best pup to step out with to attract a potential human partner? Read more to find out:

According to a recent survey by pet-centric smartphone app Klooff, if you're a guy, you should step out with a German Shepherd. Ladies, they say you should bring your Golden Retriever out with you.

On the other hand, apprently, you should leave the pocketbook pets and the Pit Bulls at home. The same survey said that female respondents saw guys who own Pit Bulls as being "sketchy", while guys saw female Chihuahua owners as, "more likely to be dumb" (hey, their words, not mine!).

I'm a "mutt" fan. That's my pup Sydney in the picture, and she never fails to attract attention, although everyone seems to have an opinion on exactly what she is.

Ok, time to fess up, take our poll below and feel free to chime in on the comments section!