As the calendar has officially flipped to February, the time to start planning your Ocean County Valentine's Day is starting to run out! So we want to know what your idea of a perfect Valentine's Day is right here at the Shore.


  • Romantic Restaurants

    Personally, I don't think that a perfect Valentine's Day dinner necessarily means a budget busting escapade.

    Sure, there are plenty of classy candle lit joints with enough silverware on the table to make Miss Manners' head spin. But if you ask me, a perfect dinner date could also be to you and your sweetheart's very favorite pizza place on the boardwalk.

    What's your Ocean County restaurant of choice when date night rolls around?

  • Sweet Strolls

    Who says that your Valentine's Day date needs to be at a restaurant, anyway?

    If you're familiar with my writing here at, you know that I'm a big fan of Ocean County's many awesome outdoor destinations.

    Whether it's a leisurely stroll on the beach or a hand in hand hike through a park, you and your love don't need to keep your date indoors!

    Where do you like to go for a walk with your sweetheart?

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  • Tempting Treats

    While I believe that thinking outside the box for Valentine's Day is a good thing, let's be honest, who's going to turn down a box of chocolates?

    Sure, you can stop by any store and get a heart shaped package of mass produced truffles. But here in Ocean County we're at no loss for awesome local sweet shops.

    Get me a box of goodies from Van Holten's, and I'm yours forever!

    What are your favorite local sweet spots?

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  • Family Fun

    Why not show the whole family how much you love them on February 14th?

    From cool educational destinations like the Novins Planetarium at OCC (which just happens to be having a special Valentine's Day show on the 14th), to year-round boardwalk arcades, and even our very own zoo, why leave the kids out on the most loving day of the year?

    What are your favorite places to take your family for special days out?

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  • Rolling Solo

    Just broke up? Happily flying solo? Single and ready to mingle?

    Well, this year Valentine's Day falls during the week. So while lovey-dovey couples may be making eyes at each other and trying to impress everyone with huge bouquets and flashy jewelry, for plenty of us it'll just be, well, "Tuesday".

    Nothing wrong with that! Go all anti-Valentine's Day and treat yourself to a movie. You can still catch some of the Oscar nominees playing right here in Ocean County.

    Do you celebrate "Singles Awareness Day"? Tell us how!

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