I've talked before about my many Summers in the woods at camp. These days it's hard to imagine living for 4-8 weeks without TV, DVRs, and smart phones, but every Summer I would go technology free for up to 9 weeks. So it was always important to bring along some fun games.

One of the best camp cabin, roadtrip, or after school games was Mad Libs. And it was one of those things that never lost its fun. As pre-teens we thought it was hilarious to come up with naughty words (come on, you know you used "fart" as a verb on more than one occasion), and as an older kid, we thought it was fun to try to out-do our other friends with big words (I can't tell you how many Mad Libs in my older childhood years had "defenestrate" in them).

Sadly, one of the original creators of Mad Libs passed away earlier this week. Along with his invention, invisible ink booklets, word searches and more, there were some great games to pass the time between outdoor activities, on family road trips, and on slow weekends with childhood friends.

What games did you love to pass the time as a kid? Leave a comment below and let us know!