So tonight a new season of my favorite show begins " Top Gear " which is a show about cars and our love for I thought it would be fun to share memories of your first car

My first car was the Dodge Dart, which is making a comeback! I traded "manual labor" for the car lol I actually cleaned a friends rugs in exchange for the Dart. Some of the cars features were missing like gas gauge, heater and engine ... other than that it was perfect!

Sue's first car was a Chevrolet Celebrity. No real complaints from Sue and it did run, it had an engine! lol

By the way the "Most Popular" car of all time is the Toyota Corolla and the Ford "F" Series is the most popular truck ... both the most sold in their styles! Nearly 65 million between the two, according to hubpages

So share your memories with us about your first car, we'd love to hear from you ......

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