Is it that delicious piece of chocolate or maybe a smile from your child, nope it seems like the number 1 thing that puts you in a good mood is whoopie!  And I don't mean the whoopie pie.  According to a new study from London School of Economics.

People of all ages were asked to keep track of their mood through out the day by using a smartphone app.  These improve your mood the most:

1.  Whoopie

2.  Going to a concert or dancing

3.  Going to a museum

4.  Exercising

5.  Gardening

6.  Singing

And rounding out the list..being around nature, walking or hiking, hunting and fishing all put you in a good mood.

What puts you in a bad mood.  They did a study on that, too.

1.  Being sick

2.  Working or studying

3.  Taking care of someone who is sick

4.  Waiting in line

5.  Doing paperwork

6.  Going to a meeting

7.  Commuting

8.  Doing housework

What puts you in a good mood...What puts you in a bad mood?