Superstorm Sandy hit our shores and destroyed so much here at the Jersey Shore.

I remember the howling of the wind and I remember thinking of my daughter Abby because she wasn't with me that night and missing her so much.  We've seen progress, but there's still a lot of people that need to get back into their homes.  I've learned that people help out people in a crisis..the way New Jersey came together last year and the following months was just amazing to me.  I've learned that you can't fight Mother Nature.  I've learned I don't think I ever want to live along the beautiful bays.  I've learned that the beautiful ocean can be pretty scary.  I've learned that there is hope.  I've learned that so many animals were displaced from their families and some are still waiting to find their Mommy's and Daddy's.  I've learned that a flash light is the greatest thing ever invented and I learned how to work a generator for the first time-- it was a life saver.  I've learned that being with my work friends that night helped me get through a really tough time.  I've learned that talking to you all night long as we were on the radio, really helped us get through it just as much as it did for you.  I've learned that I don't like wind anymore.  The sound of that wind that day and night has scared me forever.  I've learned that people from all over the country came and helped out.  I've learned to appreciate turning the lights on and seeing light and finally I've learned to never take anything for granted again.

What's the one thing you learned since Superstorm Sandy?

Join us tonight for "Light Up New Jersey"--

Last year at this moment we were in the dark … Now, one year later, we’re in the light.  We're lighting up New Jersey tonight!

We will stand together as we remember what happened and look towards the future. We will continue to recover … and prove to the world that we’re stronger than the storm.

Join us at Chef Mike's ABG in Seaside Park starting around 5:30, see you there!


Anthony Quintano, flickr