It's only in the low 50's and it's been misting all day. You'd think there isn't much that this weather is good for.

And, frankly in my opinion, there isn't a whole lot...but it does give me an excuse to fire up a nice hot "cuppa" tea. 

While people like my British friend Paul drink tea 365 days a year, morning, noon, and night, I just can't break it out when it's 90 and humid here in Ocean County.

But on days like today, I can't wait to get into a nice cup of English Breakfast or Darjeeling tea. As I'm sitting in the office with the grey, dreary day outside, I'm enjoying my hot tea and a hot cup of Wawa soup (if you've never had the chicken corn chowder, I highly recommend it!). 

So hey, glass half full, at least it's a good day for some hot comfort food! What warms you up on days like today? Leave a comment and let us know!