As a wave of "Blue Flu" is spreading around Ocean County today, Giants fans are making the pilgrimage to New York City and Met Life Stadium for a glimpse of the Super Bowl Champion Giants hoisting their newly won championship trophy. This made me think, which major sport has the coolest trophy? Read a little bit about each, then vote in the poll at the end!

  • The Vince Lombardi Trophy (NFL)

  • Commissioner's Trophy (MLB)

    Like the NFL, Major League Baseball teams up with Tiffany & Co. to create a new award every year to present to the World Series champions. Also awarded first in 1967, each baseball team is represented by a gold plated flag surrounding a baseball, with the winning team's name inscribed on the base.

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  • The Stanley Cup (NHL)

    The Stanley Cup has, by far, the richest history of the major trophies. First awarded in 1892 as a medium sized chalice, the trophy has grown every year since, as the names of every player, coach, and management staff is inscribed onto the base. When a ring runs out of room, a new level is added, old levels have been removed over the years as well when the tower got too unwieldy. Unlike the other major awards, the Stanley Cup is a single trophy that is passed from champion to champion every year. There are also some rather interesting traditions and anecdotes surrounding the history of the Cup.

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  • The Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy (NBA)

    If I'm being honest, before writing this article I had no idea what the NBA championship trophy even looked like, not to mention that it actually had a name. The current trophy was designed in 1977 and named after former NBA Commissioner Larry O'Brien in 1984. Continuing the major sports association with Tiffany & Co, a new trophy is made every year to be presented to the NBA Championship team.

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