The Birth of the Bathroom!


It was on this day ( May 12th ) in History that the flush toilet received a patent. So to mark the occassion I've put together some other "names" for the toilet ... from around the world.

  • The "WC" - Which is short for "Water Closet"
  • The Loo - Primarily a "British" Term for Toilet.
  • The Dunny - an Australian expression for an outhouse or outside toilet.
  • The Jacks - Irish term for Toilet.
  • The Privy - The Privy is an old fashioned term used more in the North of England and in Scotland; "privy" is an old alternative for "private"
  • The CR - Used in the Philippines , short for "Comfort Room"
  • The "Netty" - Another "English" term for Toilet ...