On this "Take Your Dog To Work Day," I thought it would be neat to salute our four-legged friends here, online.  While I don't have a dog currently, I have such fond memories of the 3 years I lived with Caira before she passed.  And I'm forever grateful that she taught me a really important life lesson:  "stop and smell the roses."  In her case it was more like "stop and smell every flower or patch of grass in Beachwood," because, well, basset hounds have big noses and a keen sense of smell.  At a time in my life when work and productivity were my main focus, I needed this animal to remind me to slow down and appreciate the little, joyful things in life.  Well done, CairaGirl!  This month's "Real Simple" magazine has published responses to the question: "What has your pet taught you about life?"  Answers include: "stuff is just stuff and can be replaced," "stretch before you get up," "chase what excites you."   How would you answer that question?  Please post here a lesson that your pet taught you.