Growing up, I never had any Grandpa's.  Both my parents dads passed away when they were young.  But I had 2 Grandma's.  One was Nana and one was Grammy and they were a HUGE part of my life and I miss them every day.

My daughter calls her Grandmas, Nanny and Grandma.  And her Grandpa and Poppy.  She's so fortunate to have both sets still.  I'm thankful for that everyday. 

I hear some great names for Grandma's and Grandpa's these days.  Poppy, Nanna, Mee Ma, Mee Poo, Nonna, Nee Nee, Omi, GG and GG Pop.  It's great when I hear Abby's friends talking to their grandparents and what they call them.

So what do your kids call their Grandparents?  What do your Grandkids call you?  What do / did you call your Grandparents?