This story has inspired some pretty intense opinions. Regardless of which side you agree with, it seems like people are strongly siding with the position that they think is right.

Here's the short version of what happened:

A couple who had made the decision to live a vegan lifestyle decided to eat out at a fancy Red Bank restaurant. They had eaten at this restaurant a few times in the past, bringing along their own grocery store pasta for the kitchen to prepare and an instruction sheet of how they wanted their meals made.

On this particular occasion, a Saturday night (the busiest night in the restaurant industry), the restaurant charged the couple more for their special order than they had been charged on previous visits.

The couple complained, the owner stuck to her guns, the police were called, the couple paid and left peacefully but then filed a dispute with their credit card company.

Oh, and the couple wanted to use a $50 off coupon on the final bill.

It's a pretty complex story, and you can read all the details on here.

So who do you think was right - the couple who had been accommodated at a lower price before? The restaurant that went out of its way on a busy weekend night to prepare a complex special order? Or somewhere in the middle? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!