State lawmakers are once again considering a measure that would require water companies to add fluoride to New Jersey's drinking water supply. The Assembly Health Committee voted unanimously Monday to send the bill to the Assembly floor for a vote.

The bill A-1811 called the New Jersey Public Supply Fluoridation Act sponsored by Burlington County Assemblyman and physician Herb Conaway of District 7 and Burlington & Camden County Assemblyman Louis Greenwald of District 6, is receiving support from dental and public health officials who say fluoridating drinking water would help reduce tooth decay. However environmental groups have raised objections and concerns about the types of fluoride that could be used and health risks associated with exposure to fluoride.

I personally thought of a few more concerns like "who's going to pay for it?" and "Do we really want more stuff added to the Garden State's already nutrient rich water?" I know some of you are thinking that anything that would help you keep you from undergoing a costly dental procedure is welcome news. Let us know what you think in the poll below.