The average full-time employee spends nearly nine hours at the job on weekdays, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics' annual American Time Use Survey (ATUS).

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Still, that leaves 15 more hours to kill every day.

And while both the economy and technology have changed drastically over the years, the way Americans spend their free time has basically remained the same.

More than eight of those extra hours are spent sleeping.

Behind work and sleep, according to the survey, Americans spend the most time on leisure activities, including exercise and watching television.

"(People) get an average of three hours and five minutes of leisure and sports per day," said ATUS economist Laura Wronski.

Housework also consumes a good chunk of time. Men spent an hour and 17 minutes on chores and home management during the average day, while women focused two hours and 10 minutes on the same activities.

The rest of the day was split quite evenly among caring for other household members, educational or religious activities, and purchasing goods and services.