I was having a conversation with a friend the other day about some of the different chain restaurants that I get to experience when I travel to Texas for my job. It got me wondering though: what chain stores or restaurants would you most like to see open in Ocean County? Take our poll to share your opinion.

Ocean County has tons of great businesses. We have awesome locally owned stores, great local restaurants, spectacular local shops. But when you're watching TV and see commercials for national chains that aren't in our area, it does make you wonder: could they open in Ocean County? We've gotten some great chains in Ocean County recently. A new Chick-fil-A opened in Brick a few years ago, and Panera Bread and Buffalo Wild Wings opened locations in Toms River a few years ago as well.

I'll admit a few that instantly come to mind for me include:

  • Cracker Barrel - I know their food isn't the healthiest menu in the world, but sometimes you just want their biscuits, right?
  • Trader Joe's - On the healthier side of the spectrum it may be nice to shop at a Trader Joe's. The closest store (Shrewsbury) is about 32 miles from Toms River.
  • Wegman's - Again it could be nice to have a Wegman's in the area, right? I often shopped in my area Wegman's in college. The closest location to Toms River is the Ocean Township (Monmouth County) store.
  • The Cheesecake Factory - Every time I am in the Freehold Mall I am tempted to stop in to the Cheesecake Factory. Why can't Ocean County get one of these restuarants?

What do you want to see in Ocean County? Leave a comment below to share your opinion!