Jonas Nilsoon Lee, flickr

What?  Drink it right?  Well here are more ideas what you can do with Coke other then drink it.  Check this out:

Folks drink more then 100 million gallons of Coke everyday, wow I had no idea about that one, but here are some great ideas on how to use Coca-Cola around your house from

Did you know you can use it for:

Rust Remover-Coke has baking soda in it which means it basically makes it an industrial-strength cleaner. 

Pain Reliever-Pour Coke over that bee sting and it takes the pain away.

Fertilizer-Let the Coke go flat first then pour it in your flower beds once in a while.  It breaks down organic material, and the sugar attracts microorganisms to enrich the soil.

Gum Remover-If your kids get gum in their hair, soak it in Coke.  The guym will slide right off of the hair.

Toilet Cleaner-Swish the Coke around in the toilet bowl and it removes any stains, rust, mildew or mold.

Odor Neutralizer-Supposedly it can get that skunk smell off of you...say your dog gets sprayed, give your dog a Coke bath, the high acidity in Coke can neutralize the alkaline ingredient in the skunk spray, that's why tomato juice helps, too.

Have you ever tried any of these?  Will you?