I'm very happy to share the newest addition of my family with all of you! Meet Leia, also known as "Princess" Leia, for all the Star Wars fans out there. Yes, I do have another dog named Luke, so we're totally a nerdy family. Leia is thirteen weeks old and she was born in Tennesee.

I would have loved to be a part of the back story to actually getting her, but I was at a concert when the whole ordeal went down. Yeah, so basically I came home and there was a big dog running around my house... AND I WAS SO EXCITED! The only thing that we know about the dog is that it was rescued from Tennesee and she is part (but not full) German Shepherd, which is probably evident from some of the pictures. She is so loveable, she has a great disposition, and she is learning very quick.

WOBM's dog expert, and afternoon drive host, Justin Louis, made me aware of being able to actually find out the breed of Leia through something called "Doggy DNA". Before I do that, I wanted to get your take on what Leia's breed might be. Everyone seems to think that she is part boxer, but am I the only one not seeing it? Leave a comment and let me know what you think!