I'll set the stage for you - it's been ages since you've had some time alone with your significant other so you decide to head on down to the Marquee Cinema on 37 and catch the hot new flick. As you're waiting for the movie to start, you see someone walk in with a stroller and a baby...uh-oh...

This actually happened to me when I went to see The Dark Knight. I knew it was going to be a noisy movie with lots of explosions, flashing lights, and other non-sleeping infant friendly moments. As expected, the kid started screaming shortly into the flick.

But the parents were determined to make use of their hard earned tickets and neither looked like they were even considering stepping outside with the bawling baby.

At first there were a couple passive aggressive sighs from the audience. Then someone had the guts to let loose with a "shhhh!", but the couple still didn't budge. Finally, when the baby let loose an ear splitting howl at a pivotal point in the movie, someone spoke up and said, "hey, take the kid outside!", which they finally did.

We've all had similar things happen, whether it's the movie theater scenario, being on an airplane, or even at a museum or another place where muted conversations are proper etiquette.

So what are some of your worst stories of the silence being broken? And it doesn't necessarily have to be little kids, maybe it was an adult who didn't bother to use their "indoor voice". Let us know in the comments section and let's see who's got the best (or worst) story!